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[spam] In Which Epic John/Elizabeth Post is Epic

In Which Epic John/Elizabeth Post is Epic and Catherine Uses Too Many Exclamation Points

(brought to you by an SGA rewatch, anuna_81 being awesome, too much downtime, John and Lizzie's inherent epicness, and the fact that there are too many people sitting in my kitchen and therefore I can't make dinner)

Feel free to pimp anywhere!

This Post Includes:

→ Flaily interpretations of J/E moments
→ Fics and Art by the amazing J/E fans on my flist
→ Picspams so cute you might die
→ YouTube clips of J/E not even bothering to pretend they aren't hopelessly in love with each other
→ Pimpage: everyone go join sparky_santa! A JE themed fic-exchange of awesome. You know you want to. *glares pointedly at antiqueskies, just because.* sparky_santa sparky_santa sparky_santa because if I type it multiple times you will be more inclined to join sparky_santa sparky_santa sparky_santa
→ The "Leave A Comment" button! Where you should leave comments filled with John/Lizzie goodness. Fics, arts, youtube videos, your own embarrassing rambles, comment fics, etc!

In Which John and Elizabeth Enjoy lolspeak and are Super Sekrit Boyfriend and Girlfriend
So, I was going to a do a voice post for this - and I did try, honest! - but it was just too embarrassing. So I'm reverting to text and capslocks and written flail! FLAIL. But basically, I rambled on about how John and Lizzie are awesome and antiqueskies got me totally hooked and it's all her fault so if you want someone to throw tomatoes at for letting me into the fandom, she's your girl. (Also, she's awesome and you should go read everything she's ever written RIGHT NOW.)

So. A recap!

First Impressions:
1. Dude. That guy is HAWT.
2. Dude! That lady is HAWT.
3. Dude. They're gonna hook up at some point, right? RIGHT? Oh, frell me.

Favorite Quotes/Scenes

1. In Which Elizabeth Owns Kavanaugh
Kavanaugh: Dr. Weir!
Elizabeth: Dude, I don't have time for this! My boyfriend is in peril, hello.
Kavanaugh: Yeah, but I'm a self-important douche-bag so I'm gonna whine at you anyway.
Elizabeth: The only reason I'm not kicking you in the 'nads is because it's not in my script.
Peter: *cracks up in the background*
Kavanaugh: You cut off my wee-wee!
Elizabeth: Yeah, and I stashed it on a very lonely planet and you're not getting it back until you save my super sekrit boyfriend.
Kavanaugh: You did not! It's in your back-pocket.
Elizabeth: These pants don't have back-pockets, that way John has a better view of my ass. Besides, I wouldn't go near that with a ten-foot pole.
Kavanaugh: I'll hit on you later, then.
Elizabeth: And John will kill you. Slowly.

2. In Which John Tries to Make Elizabeth Jealous
John: I got the thing, the other thing, and I almost got THE GIRL. That means I might have had SEX with her. You're jealous, right? Right?
Elizabeth: *eyebrow*
John: ....No! No, no, no there was no girl. Nope. No girl at all. Hum-de-dum.
Elizabeth: *smirks*
John: *eats out of her hand. happily*

3. In Which Ellis is an Idiot
Ellis: Dude, I think you're kinda hot, and you should totally be in charge of Atlantis, man.
John: Yeah, but I don't want to be The Man, dude, ya know? (read: I'm seriously considering punching you right now.)
Elizabeth's Honor: *is once again defended*
Ellis: Yo, so, you wanna go blow shit up?

4. In Which John Pays Way Too Much Attention To Elizabeth
Elizabeth: You know, I'd kinda like to keep my City in tact, if that's alright with you.
John: Sorry, pookie. I'll try to run the drones into your least favorite buildings, k?
Elizabeth: Don't call me pookie.

5. In Which John's Tell is a Dead Give Away
Teyla: You're really socially awkward, John.
John: *sigh* I know. It's just that you, Elizabeth (who, I'm telling you with this really adorkable and awkward grin is actually my super sekrit girlfriend but don't tell her I told you 'cause then I'll have to sleep on the couch, k?), and all those other dudes are like, er...
Teyla: Family?
John: Yes! ...No! Didn't you read the super sekrit girlfriend smile?
Teyla: *pats his hand* It's okay, John. All of Atlantis already knows. ...except for Rodney.

6. In Which Elizabeth Sticks Up For Her Boyfriend
SGC: John's hair is offensive to our narrow-minded way of thinking. We must replace him with Skinner in Space, whose hair will not be a problem.
Elizabeth: Or, John could remain Atlantis' military commander and my super sekrit boyfriend, and you could just promote him.
SGC: Right, but -
Elizabeth: Promote. Him. NOW.
SGC: Yes, ma'am.

7. In Which Elizabeth Thinks Naughty Thoughts And John Totally Misses It
Elizabeth: Well, the beard is... interesting.
John: First thing to go when we get home.
Elizabeth: You sure about that?
John: Man, I rly rly missed you guys but I can't say that 'cause it'll mess with my macho image.
Elizabeth: I think you could put that beard to good use.
John: Can we go home now?
Elizabeth: *sigh*
Teyla: He totally missed it.
Elizabeth: Totally.

8. In Which John Tries to Spare Elizabeth Details and Rodney Won't Let Him
Elizabeth: I can at least send more personnel through to help with the wounded. (Read: Ohthankgodyou'reokaywhenareyoucomingbackpleaseletmehelpevenoughtihavetobeallprofessionalrightnow.)
John: It's okay, Pookie, we're all fine.
Rodney: I'M DYING!
Elizabeth: I'm so worried right now I'm ignoring the pookie comment. You're sure you're okay?
John: Just, you know, a little... weirded out, that's all-
Rodney: Yeah, but I'M DYING.
Carson: That was the most unsettling thing I've ever experienced in my entire life, what the frell are you talking about!?
John: -AND you don't need to worry about us, hakol beseder, okay?
Elizabeth: Okay, ILU.
John: ILU2
Rodney: I'M DYING!
John: *headtree*

9a. In Which John Misses Lizzie Likewhoa
Rodney: Please, you're my BFF, I see you all the time. Too much, actually. People are starting to think we're gay.
John: Your mom's gay.
Rodney: Hey! I'm trying to have a serious conversation here! I miss people. Like Elizabeth. She won't answer my phone calls, woe.
John: Yeah, I know what you mean. She won't answer my phone calls either, and I'm her super sekrit boyfriend. She should be answering my calls, right? I mean, you she can ignore, but me? Boyfriend! Hello!
Rodney: So invite her to dinner, moron.
John: ....I shoulda thought of that.
Rodney: Duh. Can we get back to me now?
John: Actually, I'll make Carson do it.
Rodney: Sure thing. So anyway, I was talking about how much I miss you all and-
John: *click*

9b. In Which Carson Nags Elizabeth
Carson: Look, Elizabeth, this small-talk is all very well and good, and frankly you're the most adorable thing I've ever seen in my life, and that includes the wee baby turtles, but really - your super sekrit boyfriend misses you likewhoa, so you should probably call him before he does something stupid, okay? Excellent. We're having dinner, you're coming, and you and John are going to kiss and make-up and then make-out in the alley behind the restaurant, oke-doke? Beseder.

9c. In Which John and Elizabeth Play Footsies Under the Table
Elizabeth: I will strategically talk about other peoples' love lives to avoid my own and then I will try to escape, k?
John: Lo tov, pookie.
Elizabeth: I need to... er... sleep! Or something.
John: *doing naughty things under the table* Or something?
Elizabeth: ...okay, yes, fine. This is your cue to follow me when I leave. Where we can go back to my apartment and do other naughty things.
John: Does this mean I get to be your super sekrit boyfriend again? *g*
Carson: It's not a secret. At all.
Rodney: What's not a secret?

10. In Which It Should Have Ended Like it Began
John: You do realize I got us into all kinds of trouble, right?
Elizabeth: Yeah, but you're cute, so we'll deal.
John: *g*
Elizabeth: Pookie.

In Which My Flist Kicks Your Ass With Awesome

1. Interruptus - in which attempts to have sex go horribly awry, the Daedalus is too small, the cast of SG-1 is highly amused and Rodney is totally oblivious!
2. Of Sunday Fathers and Melted Ice Cream - in which there is awesome AUness, adorable children, angst, and funtimes! This has everything, PLUS LOADS OF CUTE. No, seriously. You will die from the cute.
3. The Simple Things - AU! Rocker!John! Adorable flirting! And I've read more of this than you have. :P

1. The Winter Will Take Another Tree - in which it is fixed. Beautifully.
2. Though You Will Forget - in which your heart will be yanked from your chest, stomped upon, thrown in a grinder and fed to you. And you will love it.
3. With Twilight As My Guide - in which it is mine and you cannot have it. ...I guess you can read it. But give it back when you're done. 'Cause it's mine.

1. Five Things John and Elizabeth Accidentally Said To Each Other, And One Thing They Said On Purpose - in which this was also written for me. And you shall not have it.
2. Five Times John Tells Elizabeth No - in which John is a party pooper. :P
3. Anabiosis & Anacampserote - FIX'D! Awesomely.

1. Vid to Ain't Gonna Lose You - SO MUCH PRETTY IN ONE PLACE. This is also mine. Hands off.
2. Nothing Without You - IN WHICH THERE IS VIENNA TENG, JOHN AND ELIZABETH. And after which I die.
3. Icons - in which Vienna Teng AND SGA appear in one post.

1. Afterimage - post The Real World epicness. Go now.
2. Huis Clos - in which they are stuck and must discuss sex.
3. untitled - in which a compromise is reached and then they done sex.

1. Just A Little Late - as it should have been. Suck it, Mallozzi.
2. So Many Stories - in which there is hot RPF and I go to hell.
3. And Peace - in which there is gorgeous angst, cuddling, and sex.

1. Wake-Up Call - in which John freaks out in his boxer shorts. ....that actually sounds a lot naughtier than intended. *g*
2. Got Them Tied-To-An-Alien-Totem-Pole Blues - in which they are tied to a totem pole and must talk about sex. ^^ (There is angst in this fic. But also much cute.)
3. Repeat as Necessary - in which John is protective and Elizabeth is high. :P

1. If It Ain't Broke - in which John is forced to follow Elizabeth around for two days after Rodney breaks Atlantis. ^^
2. untitled fic - in which S1 popcorn throwing leads to sex. Also includes the word behoove. WIN.
3. Five Times Elizabeth Wears John's Clothes - in which it could not get any cuter if it put on a little pink bow and tap-danced.

1. You'd Be Surprised - in which Teyla is sneaky, John is confused and Elizabeth is totally in denial. Cute abounds!

1. By whom the most awesome Torri comm ever was created: torritivity! Go join. And stare at the Pretty.
2. Who will be MEETING Torri Higginson in November and has the envy of gods and men. And ME.

1. List of Fics! - in which roga is awesome despite the fact that she hasn't crossed over to the Sparky side yet, tsk tsk. ;)

1. Stargate fics! - in which everyone should fangirl ijemanja, despite the fact that she also hasn't embraced the Lizzie love. We're working on it, never fear. *raises eyebrow pointedly*

1. I don't think there's any fic to be found, but her Torri Higginson tag has 37 entires. WIN.

**If I missed anything/anyone, please forgive me! And tell me so I can add it!
*If you do not want to be on this list, and I have failed you as a flist friend, let me know and I will remove the links. Although I will be very sad about it. So will John, and his super sekrit girlfriend.

In Which I am Too Lazy To Picspam and Will Therefore Link To Other Awesome

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6. In Which Kolya is PWND. Likewhoa.

7. In Which There is Cute Eye!flirting and Caving To John's Adorableness

Okay, I'll save some for the rest of you to post. *g*

Please join the fun! This will be a very lonely post without help. Fics, links, macros, prompts, pics, anything! Share the love, y/y?
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